Situated on a tight London site, this new-build mews house boasts a design that maximizes light and space within a compact footprint. The interior features a lightweight, refined stair that acts as both a functional element and a sculptural centrepiece, contributing to the overall sense of openness and modernity.

The bespoke timber window and louvre detailing on the mews house’s façade not only enhance its visual appeal but also play a crucial role in managing light and ventilation. In a compact London setting, these custom elements contribute to both the aesthetic charm and functional efficiency of the space, ensuring a comfortable and well-lit environment inside while maintaining privacy and architectural coherence outside.

The material palette is a carefully selected blend of concrete and timber, providing a harmonious contrast between the cool, industrial feel of concrete and the warm, natural tones of timber. This combination adds depth and texture to the spaces, creating a balanced and inviting atmosphere.